COVID-19 Information

Important message regarding estimated delivery dates and communications with PRO-TEC Solutions

Because of the COVID-19 Pandemic, internet commerce is at an all-time high, creating unprecedented levels of PRO-TEC Solutions orders and residential deliveries for our package delivery partners. This is creating some challenges which are keeping us from serving Customers the way we want and you deserve. For this, we are truly sorry.

  1. While we've projected estimated delivery dates as accurately as possible, please note there may be delays from our package delivery partners as they're experiencing large volumes and Employee shortages. If your order takes longer than expected, we’re very sorry and appreciate your patience in allowing a few extra days before contacting us.
  2. We're doing our best to respond to Customers as quickly as possible, but our incoming communications exceed our capacity. Regrettably, at times we’ve had to temporarily stop taking phone calls, and still can't process all our communications fast enough. We’re several days behind in answering emails. We have all available Employees, regardless of their position in the company, helping ship packages and respond to Customers. Rest assured, you will get your order and we'll respond to your communications as fast as we can. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND IF WE DON'T ANSWER THE PHONE PLEASE LEAVE A VOICEMAIL OR SEND AN EMAIL WITH THE SUBJECT  "HELP PLEASE" TO: 

We're very sorry for the package delays and communication issues. Thanks so much for your patience, understanding and loyalty.